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about us

Our business, which was founded by Ahmet Türk, has been serving our valuable investors as Akın Real Estate Office since the day our region started to appreciate in the real estate field in Kaynarca for about 10 years. Many investors prefer our region with the positive valuation of investments made in Kaynarca every day to the real estate sector in Kaynarca. As large projects such as Makinacılar OSB and Mobilyacılar OSB attract a large number of people to Kaynarca, real estate values in the region directly increase. In addition, its geopolitical location as a city of nature and clean industry, being at an equal distance to Adapazarı and Kocaeli, being 1.5 to 2 hours away from a metropolitan city such as Istanbul also makes our region valuable. As Akın Real Estate Office, we offer the most attractive opportunities in the region to our investors and aim to ensure that their investments are valued in the medium and long term.


Ahmet TÜRK

Founder / Consultant

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